Privacy Policy

Abstract of our Privacy Policy

This is an abstract of our privacy policy that will be in effect by the date of signing the contract. It shields all the products & Services enclosed on FitCode website. The detailed policy trails the same arrangement as the synopsis and establishes the actual title deed.Our discretion binder: FitCode will never sell your information to someone else and make money also will not share other’s information with you. We will be bonded to it throughout our service terms.This policy states the information we collect from you, how we utilise it, who can have the right to use it and how it will be useful for you.

Part I- Information FitCode gathers and controls

We only gather the needful information. Some of this information is shared by you at the time of signing up for a new account, any event registration, raising for customer support or any in-app purchases from us. We save your name and contact sources but we don’t save any credit/ debit card details (until you grant the permissions) excluding one of our protected payment gateways.

At the time of using any of our website link or our software, we spontaneously store some basic information for example, how you navigated to reach within the site, how you use the features and settings. We just supervise the actions to improve our website and services within, also to approach for new product development.

At times, some information reaches us indirectly; if you enquire about our products via any of the referral events or retailer’s page, or log into our any of the products via a verified service provider like LinkedIn or Google, they will redirect your basic information to us. This information will help us to assist us and fulfil the request made by you. If your any social media action involves our brand (example- like, comment, tweet, follow or tagging us) then will have access to your communications and profile basic information. We will still have that information stored with us even if you try to undo your actions from any of the social media site.

How we utilize your information

We utilize your information to cater the services requested by you, frame and track your accounts and keep a check for any unauthorized action taken on your accounts. Also, we utilize it for the interaction may occur further about the existing products used by you or notify you for their updates, entertain your Customer Support Requests, notify you for the new products, noticing your feedbacks and provide you policy updates timely. We keep an eye on your information to understand user requirements and for our website and services improvement.

We are supposed to have a legal platform for gathering and utilising your information. Mostly, we either should have mutual consent or required your information to cater to the services you have requested. If that’s not the case, we must mention before about our legal sources that may include few legitimate business formalities.

You can anytime convey not to use your certain information either by not filling it at the first place or backing off later. You can also decline cookies to shield your browser while not sharing your information but with this action, some of the features will not perform their task properly. We surely decline the access by any third party cookies from all FitCode websites and software.

We make sure to keep the access of information limited to the respective employees and contractors involved ethically and legally to utilise it. But sometimes, it may occur to share your information with any other department or party (like developers, service providers and reselling partners) with just a purpose to serve you better while keeping appropriate security measures in mind.

The European Economic Area (EEA) allows certain rights to data subject to access, rectify, erase, process restriction, porting of data and the right to complain or to object. FitCode accepts to follow the same rights no matter what residence you choose.

We store your personal information until we require it for the purposes mentioned in this Policy, later we will erase or detach your information as it is no more required for any process authentically.

Part II- Information that FitCode practices on your part

If you attempt to look into other person’s data using FitCode website or apps, like basic information about your customers or employees; it implies that you are assigning to our data for your practices. While using the FitCode app, if you allow access to your contacts and photo library, you are assigning us that data. Data assigned by you for regular practices is called Service Data.

The owner of service data is You. We just provide it security and keep the access limited and also utilise it as per your instructions. We will completely abide by your decision whether to give any access or share it via any third-party integrations and request to edit or delete it.

We can store the data in your account until you have chosen to keep terms with FitCode Services. Whenever you will choose to terminate your account, your data will be deleted automatically from the active database within 6 months and after 3 months backups will be free of your data as well.

If you follow the European Economic Area and believe that your employer or company whose services you are using, have assigned us your information then you can plea certain actions for that data from us. To apply those data rights, try to connect with that person or company shared your data with us and we will work with them according to you.

Part III- General

We duly abide by certain privacy provisions. If required at times, we will share your basic information to coordinate well with legal formalities and procedures, fraud prevention, agreement enforcement or protecting our user’s safety. Currently, we do not follow any ‘Do Not Track Signals’ from internet browser, once it will be a universal standard to process, we will duly follow it.

Before sharing your personal details at any third-party websites or any social media sites, do check with their respective & relevant privacy policy. You can contact us anytime to enquire about our privacy policies, also can request a GDPR Data Processing Addendum, caution us if you notice that we have collected personal data from a minor or instruct us to remove your information from our blogs or media. You can also check our Security and Privacy Policy.

We will connect with you to bring in your notice about any major changes done in the privacy policy or in highly improbable occurrence, we decide to sell our business.

Privacy Policy

FitCode will be worried about customer and user’s privacy forever in terms. We will only ask you to provide the necessary information that is required to perform the tasks in business or for the specific transaction in hand. We do let our customer’s know about their information collection from them and they are anytime allowed to opt-out from special arrangements. But, presently, our focused binder is that we won’t make a profit of a single dollar from advertising revenue- Never will, even from the free featuring of our products. This implies that we won’t involve in any fundamental conflict of interest between collected customer information and raising advertising revenue and any necessary compromises in customer discretion.

The objective of this policy is to convey how we will utilize the information collected about our customers and users. This policy is inappropriately longer but we must clearly convey all the relevant cases. We will try to keep the language possibly simple and direct.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all FitCode websites that link with it. Also, applies to the products & services provided by FitCode via our website, mobile applications and applications posted by us on FitCode’s online marketplace or any third-party online marketplaces. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any of our websites, products or services that own their respective policies.

This Privacy Policy consists of three parts: Part I- Information FitCode gathers and controls

This part conveys how FitCode gathers and utilize information about website visitors, customers, users of FitCode’s products and services and others who connect with FitCode via forms or email addresses posted or linked to our websites.

Part II- Information that FitCode practices on your part

This part conveys how FitCode practices data that you have assigned to us while using our products and services or when you shared your personal or private information with us while any customer support interaction. Part III- General This part conveys the importance to both Parts I and II and other general topics like FitCode’s Security binders and the manner we choose to inform to you about changes in this Privacy Policy.

Part I- Information FitCode gathers and controls

What information FitCode Collects

We only collect information about you required for some legal formalities or procedures. FitCode will have your information if: (a) You have given that information or (b) FitCode has automatically saved that information (c) FitCode has received your information from any third party. Below we are describing the various scenarios that belong to the above-mentioned categories and the information collected in each one.

Information Given by You

i. Account Log-in: When you log-in to an account to use one or more of the services, we enquire for some information like name, contact number, email address, company name and country to complete the account log-in process. You will be instructed to choose and provide a unique username and password to use the created account. You would also give certain more information like photo, time zone and language but this information is not required to log-in to an account. After log-in, you will be given an option to choose a security question and an answer, if given, you can use them to reset your password.

ii. Registration at Events and Submission of Forms: We store your information shared by you at the time of (a) Any Event Registration, includes webinars or seminars, (b) subscribing to FitCode’s newsletter or any other mailing list, (c) Submitting a form while downloading for any product, whitepaper or other materials, (d) responding to surveys or participating in contests or, (e) Submitting a form at the request of customer support or for contacting FitCode for any other purpose.

iii. Processing of Payments: At the time of any purchase from FitCode, we will ask you to give your name, contact number or plastic money details or other payment source’s account information. When you provide us with your card information, we store the card owner’s basic information, expiry date and the last four digits of the plastic card number. If you will approve us, we will store the details in an encrypted format in the secures servers of our Payment Gateway Service Providers that will give you ease in future to make a payment or other payment sources.

iv. Testimonials: Once you authorize FitCode to post testimonials about our products and services on our websites, it may include your name & other personal information. You will be having a chance to review and give approval whether to post the testimonial or not. If you wish to edit or delete your testimonial, you may contact write at

v. Communication with FitCode: We may record, supervise and use your communication made with us through email, telephone or chat conversations with any of our sales or customer support professionals just to improve the manner of communications with you and other customers.

Information Saved Automatically

i. Information from browsers, devices and third-party servers: Once you visit our websites, we gather the information that is available about web browsers, mobile devices and third-party servers like IP address, browser type, preferred language, time zone, referring URL, date & time of us, Operating System, device manufacturer and mobile network information. We comprise these in our log files to understand better about the visitors reaching our websites.

ii. Information from first-party cookies and tracking tools: We use certain temporary and permanent cookies to filter out the users of our services and improve their experience with us. We implant unique identifiers in our downloadable products to track their usage. We only use first-party cookies and not using any third-party cookies or other third-party tracking tools on ourwebsites. We also use first-party Local Storage Objects (LSOs) like HTML5 to save content information and preferences to allow certain features.

iii. Information via application logs and Mobile diagnostics: We gather information about the usage of our products, service and applications via application logs and in-house usage diagnostic tools and access it to understand what you need for your business and how your business can improve our products. This information comprises of clicks, scrolls, features used, usage time and frequency, errors generation, data performance, utilized space, user settings and other configurations and devices used to contact and their locations.

Information Received from any third-party

i. Log-in via any merged verification Service Providers: You can log-in to FitCode services via merged verification Service Providers like LinkedIn, Microsoft or Google. These services will verify your identity and provide you with an option whether to share your certain personal information with us or not.

ii. Recommendations: If someone has recommended about any of our products & services through any of our referral events, that person might also share your certain personal information with us. You may contact us at for deletion of your information from our database. If you share someone else information or if another information shares your information, we assure to use that information for the reason it was shared with us.

iii. Information from our retailers and service providers: If you connect with any of our retailers or express interest in any of our products & services to them; the retailer may share your contact information like name, email address, company name and other information with FitCode. If you register or attend any event sponsored by FitCode; event organizer of that event may share your information with us. FitCode also could receive your information via review sites while you comment for any feedback of our products & services and also could receive information from any third-party service provider engaged with us for marketing purpose with us.

iv. Information via Social Media sites and other socially available sources: If your actions on any social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn involve our brand via your posts, like, comment, tweet, follow or tagging us then will have access to your communications, publically provided information and the profile information that will allow us to contact you in order to improve our services and uphold better understanding about user’s needs, reactions and issues.

v. We will still have your information stored with us even if you try to undo your actions from any of the social media site. We also can edit and update your information available on socially available sources.

Purpose to Use Information

Along with the purposes mentioned above, we may use your information for the following purposes: • To convey you about any changes in this Privacy Policy, terms & conditions or other important notices, also to connect with you regarding the products & services downloaded and used by you. • To notify you about our new products & services, upcoming events and offers, promotions and other information that could be your interest. • To influence you for the active participation in surveys or to ask for your feedback on our products & services, • For maintenance of your account and to perform our services required by you like to allow for collaboration, provide you mail and website hosting and to restore & back up of your data. • To supervise how our users are using our products & services so that we can take preventive measures timely that would help us to make our interactions better with them at the time of any customer support query raised. • To prevent the rights & interests of FitCode- it’s users, third-party & public, we will keep a check on spam reports and prevent any fraudulent transactions and other illegal activities, • To analyse our records that help us to identify our new customers and provide the products & services of their interest. • To track and improve our marketing campaigns to serve relevant suggestions to the customer to maintain their interest

Authorized bases for gathering and accessing information

Authorized processing bases applicable to FitCode: 

If you are visiting us on behalf of the European Economic Area(EEA), our authorized source of collecting information and it’s access would depend on the concerned’s personal information and the reason we had stored it. Most of the collected information and manner they are being used depends on 1. Necessity of contract 2. Involvement of more than one legal formalities of FitCode or a third-party that are not overruled by your interest of protecting the data. 3. Our mutual consent. Sometimes, we may be officially required to gather your personal information or may need it to defend your dynamic interests or those of another person.

Permissions Withdrawal: Though we depend on your permissions for the legal formalities and you will have the right to withdraw your permissions but that action will not affect any process conducted already

Notice of Legal Formalities: We depend on your permissions for the legal formalities, those are not mentioned above but we will clearly explain it to you at the time of gathering any such information.

Your choice in information usage

Withdraw of unnecessary digital communication: You may withdraw to receive any digital messages and newsletter while clicking un-subscribe function mentioned in all the communication. With this, you won’t receive any notification, alert or necessary transactions message from FitCode.

Restrict Cookies: You may select to restrict cookies before visiting our websites. With this, you won’t be able to use certain features of our websites in a proper manner.

Optional Information: You can always choose not to fill in any optional section while submitting any forms or surveys to our websites. Also, can choose not to provide optional information like your residential address, photo. You may anytime use to edit or delete that optional profile information.

With whom we share your information

The information mentioned in Part I will be accessed with all FitCode officials. We do not make the sale of any personal information. Information is being shared in a manner described in Privacy Policy and only with parties who implement suitable confidential and security measures.

Employees and self-governing contractors: Employees and self-governing contractors of Fitcode will have access to the information mentioned in Part I as per the basis of their requirement. FitCode wants all employees and self-governing contractors to follow this Privacy Policy while we share the information with them.

Third-party Service Providers: We may require to share your personal information and grouped or de-identified information with third-party Service Providers that we involve for purposes like marketing and advertising partners, event organizers, providers to analyse web and payment processors. These Service Providers are allowed to have access to personal information only required to fulfil their services.

Domain administrators: We share your basic information like name, residential address, email ID and contact number with domain administrations while you register a domain via FitCode as mentioned in ICANN domain registration guidelines.

Retailers: We will share your personal information with our certified retailers in your city or region just for the purpose, to let him contact you about the products or services you have shown interest while log-in to our website. We will give you an option to unsubscribe for continuing the work with that retailer.

Application Developers in Market: While installing or purchasing any application posted on FitCode’s Online website then you name and email address will be shared with Application Developer so that they could interact with you directly as the service provider of that application. As application developers own their respective privacy policies so FitCode could not control the access of your information by them.

Other Circumstances: Other circumstances under which we might share the same information mentioned in Part I and Part II are described in Part III.

Rights for you as a controller with respect to the Information

If you follow the European Economic Area(EEA), you have the prescribed rights with respect to the information that FitCode holds about you.FitCode undertakes the privilege to provide you with the same rights in spite considering your residential availability.

1. Right to Access: You will have the right to access or to ask about the types of personal information that we hold about you that includes the source of information, purpose and processing duration and people to whom the information is being shared.

2. Right to Alteration: You have the right to edit or update the information we hold about you or to alter any inaccuracies. Depending on the purpose we are using that information, you can give instructions to add any supplementary information in our database.

3. Right to Deletion: You have the right to request us to delete your information when they are no longer existing to serve the purpose for which it was collected.

4. Right to limit of Processing: You have the right to instruct us for limiting the use of your information when you feel objected about the usage of your information but we need to check whether we have overrules any legal basis to use it.

5. Right to Data Transfer: You have the right to share your information to transfer your data to a third-party in a commonly used, organized and machine-legible format. In this, information is processed via automated means and with your consent.

6. Right to Object: You have the right to object for using your personal information for direct marketing.

7. Right to complaint: You have the right to complain to the appropriate supervisory authority to raise an objection that the way we collect, use or share your information. This right will not be applicable to the country if there is no supervisory authority available for data protection.

Maintenance of Information

We maintain your personal information as long as required for the purposes mentioned in Privacy Policy. Sometimes, we may upkeep your information for longer periods as approved or required by law, like to upkeep suppression list, abusive prevention, if required to connect with a legal title or proceeding, to implement our arrangements, for tax, accounting or to comply with other legal requirements. When we no longer have an authentic need to keep your information, we will delete your information from our active databases. We will store your information securely and detach it from further dispensation on backup discs until deletion is possible.

Part II- Information that FitCode practices on your part

Information assigned to FitCode and purpose

Information provided in relation to services: You may assign the information that you or your organization control, to FitCode in relation to the use of our services or to request technical support for our products & services. This includes information about your customers and your employees being a controller or data that you may hold or use on behalf of another person for a different purpose, like a customer to whom you cater services being a processor. The data might be either stored in our servers when you avail our services or transferred or shared to us as part of a request for technical support or other services.

Information from Mobile Devices: When you select to approve about to let our mobile applications have access to your camera, call history, contact information, photo gallery and other information stored on your mobile device. Our applications require such access to cater to the services well. Likewise, when to select to approve access to location-based information that is collected to fulfil certain purposes like to locate nearby contacts or to set location-based reminders, but it is not limited to this only. This information will be solely shared with our mapping providers and will be used only to map user’s locations. You can anytime disable such approved access from your mobile applications or change certain settings. Mobile Applications holding access to your mobile will be storing your data and location information to be used in context to the mobile application and transferring or associating with your account in the corresponding services (in this case data will be storing in our server) or products (in this data will remain with you unless you share it with us). Entire information assigned to FitCode is collectively known as “Service Data”.

Title and Control of your Service Data

We know that you own the title of your Service Data. You will have complete control at your Service Data as we provide you with the ability to (i) access your Service Data, (ii) share your Service Data via supported Third-party incorporations, and (iii) request transfer or deletion of your Service Data.

How Service Data is used

We process your Service Data only when you give approval via various service modules. For Example, while generating an invoice, information like name and address of your customer will be used for generating an invoice and when you participate in our Campaign Management Service in email marketing, the email addresses existing on your mailing list will be used for sending emails in future.

Push Notifications

If you have allowed notification on the desktop and mobile applications, we will push notifications through a push notification provider like Apple Push Notification Service, Google Cloud Messaging or Windows Push Notification Services. You will have access to manage your push notification preferences or disable these notifications in the application or device settings.

To whom Service Data we share

FitCode Officials and third-party sub-processors: In order to ensure services and technical support for our products, the signing entity within the FitCode Officials and third-parties. Employees and Self-governing contractors: We may provide access to your Service Data to our employees and individuals who are self-governing contractors of the FitCode Officials & entities involved in catering the service so they can (i) identify, analyse and resolve errors, (ii) verifying emails reported as spam manually to improve spam detection, or (iii) verifying scanned images that are submitted to us for the verification of accuracy of optical character recognition. We ensure that employees accessing your Service Data are restricted to specific individuals and are logged and audited. Our employees will also have access to data that you intentionally share with us for technical support or importing data into our products or services. We duly communicate our privacy and security guidelines to our employees and strictly impose privacy safeguards within the FitCode Group. Agents and other users: Certain products or services allow you to cooperate with other users or agents. Commencing assistance may allow other agents to view your profile information fully or partially. For Example, while editing a document that is shared with other persons for assistance, your name and profile picture will be displayed next to your edits to allow your agents to know that you made those edits. Enabled third-party incorporations: Most of our products and services support incorporations with third-party products and services. If you choose to enable any third-party incorporation, with this you may allow third-party to access your service and personal information. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the third-party services and products before enabling any incorporations with them. Other Cases: Other cases in which we need to share your common information are covered under Part I and Part II are described in Part III.

Maintenance of Information

We can store the data in your account until you have chosen to keep terms with FitCode Services. Whenever you will choose to terminate your account, your data will be deleted automatically from the active database within 6 months and after 3 months backups will be free of your data as well.

Data Subject Requests

If you follow the European Economic Area and believe that we are storing, using or processing your information on behalf of one of our customer, please contact the customer if you want to access, rectify, erase, restrict or object to processing or export your personal data. We will extend our support to our customer on the basis of your request within a reasonable timeframe.

Part III- General Children’s Personal Information

Our products and services are not directed to individuals under the age of 16. FitCode intentionally does not collect information from children under the age of 16. Later, if we become aware that the information collected is from the child under 16, we will take steps to delete or reconsider that information. If you believe that provided information is from a child, please write to with the details and we will take the necessary steps to delete the information, given by that child.

How secure is your information

At FitCode, we consider data security very seriously. That’s why we have received certification as per Industry Standards like ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II. We have follow steps to access appropriate administrative, technical & physical safeguards to avoid unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure or destruction of the information you have assigned to us. If you have any concerns regarding data security, please write and connect with us directly at

Data Protection Officer

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer to supervise our management of your personal information with respect to this privacy policy. If you have any queries or concerns about our privacy practices regarding your personal information, you may reach us directly via writing to or writing letter addressing to our registered office address.

Location and International Transfers

We share your personal information and service data within the FitCode Officials. While accessing or using our products and services or otherwise providing any personal information or service data to us, you keep your consent to process, transfer and storage of your personal information or Service Data within the state, the European Economic Area and other regions where FitCode operates. Such transfers are subject to the group company agreement that is based on the EU Commission’s Model Contractual Clauses.

Data Processing Appendix

To support you to be compliant with the Data Protection Duties as per the General Data Protection Regulation, we are ready to sign a Data Processing Appendix (DPA) that is based on Standard Contractual Articles. You may request a DPA from FitCode by completing certain formalities. Once we receive your request, we will forward the DPA to you for your signature.

Do Not Track (DNT) Requests

Certain internet browsers have permitted ‘Do Not Track’ (DNT) features, that sends the signal out to the websites (known as DNT Signal) that you visit specifying that you don’t wish to be tracked. At latest, there is no standard that rules what websites can or should do at the time so receiving these signals. Presently, we do not take action in response to such signals.

External links on our websites

Certain pages of our websites may contain links to websites that are not linked to this Privacy Policy. If you provide your personal information to any of these third-party sites, your information is governed within their privacy policies. As a security measure, we suggest not to share any personal information with these third parties before you have checked their privacy policies and convince yourself of their privacy practices.

Blogs and Forums

We offer widely accessible blogs and forums on our websites. Please be aware that any information given on these blogs and forums may be used to contact you with voluntary messages. We urge you to be careful in disclosing personal information in our blogs and forums. FitCode is not responsible for the personal information you select to share publicly. Your posts and certain profile information may remain even after you dismiss your account with FitCode. If you want to make a request for the removal of your information from our blogs and forums, you can contact us at

Social Media Widgets

Our website includes Social Media Widgets such as Facebook “like” buttons and Twitter “tweet” buttons that let you share posts and other information. These widgets might collect your information like IP address and the pages you navigate in the website and might a cookie will have default settings to permit the widgets for their proper functioning. Your communication with these widgets is ruled by the privacy policies of the companies providing them.

Disclosures in agreement with legal responsibilities

We might be needed by law to preserve or disclose your basic information and Service Data to obey with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental process, it includes meeting national security requirements.

Implementation of our Rights

We might disclose personal information and service data to a thirdparty if we consider that such disclosure is required for preventing fraud, investigating any suspected illegal activity, implementing our agreements or policies or protecting that security of our users.

Business Transfers

We are not intended to sell our business. However, in the unlikely event, we sell our business or get acquired or merged, we will ensure that the acquiring firm is legally bound to follow our commitments to you. We will notify you through an email or a prominent notice on our website of any change in ownership or in the usage of your personal information and service data. We will also notify about any occurrence of choices you have about your personal information and service data.

Agreement with this Privacy Policy

We make every effort including periodic evaluations, to ensure that the personal information you provided is used in conformity with this Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns about our devotion to this Privacy Policy or the manner we are using your personal information, please write to us at We will contact you and if required, coordinate with the appropriate regulatory authorities to address your concerns effectively.

Announcement of Changes

We may announce modification in Privacy Policy at any time, will make service announcement by sending an email to your primary email address. If we make any changes to the Privacy Policy that affects your rights, you will be given at least 30 days prior notice about changes by email at your primary email address. If you believe that the revised Privacy Policy has affected your rights with respect to availing our services or products, kindly bring that in the notice by sending us an email within 30 days. Your regular use after the effective date of the changes to Privacy Policy will be considered as your acceptance to the modified Privacy Policy. We will not make any announcement of minor changes to the Privacy Policy. If you are concerned about how your personal information is used, you should check the policy at our website timely.

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