Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here we have answered on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to gym software so that you can have better exposure to the gym management system.

1. What are the benefits of gym software/ Why choose us?

If you have a gym or fitness club, you will have administrative tools to manage payments, contracts, reservations, or assistance. With the help of a gym management system, you can easily edit your training and nutrition plans and track your partners’ progress.

Using the software for gym management, you will maintain fluid communication with your customers, improving loyalty.

2. How does the software will help you?

Finance control:

Nothing is worse than reaching the end of the month and finding mismatches in the money that came in or left the box. Missing or over-indicating in your balance that something was wrong, and if you stopped keeping track of the day, checking when the problem arose will take a long time.

Hence the importance of closing the different boxes at the end of the shifts. With easy gym software, for example, making the closings is very easy. And the best thing is that it has a cash counter to know the total value is simple. Get it today.


The gym management system allows you to send notifications to your clients that help increase the sports center’s profits. When you have technological tools such as software on your side, you send push notifications, e-mails, or SMS with information on promotions, new services, among others, such as a marketing strategy.


Identifying how profitable your gym is, what you are doing well, and what you should improve on is a difficult task because you have to go into detail everything you have written down in agendas, what you have been able to evidence or what your collaborators tell you in their team meetings.

With the gym management system, it is much easier to understand your business statistics. Just use gym management software free download to know – for example, billing by time slot, total sales, inactive customers, among many more. Everything you will be by a single click.


When you have the most information about your customers, you know what they are looking for and how you should work with them, this is the most important thing to retain them.

In addition to making them feel important, you solve their needs and help them meet their goals. This will help you have them in your gym for a long time and be referred to more people.

Buy our software now and increase your sales and marketing performance thanks to the fitness management software designed especially for your business. Easy-to-use software for gym for your employees that easily integrates with your reception teams to eliminate queues and facilitate the experience for your employees and customers.

3. Why choose our Gym Software? has been designed to cover all the needs of a sports center and/or gym. Regardless of your current functionalities, our gym software department can add any functionality that your center requires.Our goal is to help you improve your sports center’s management by delivering effective solutions based on innovative technologies and effective designs. Our work and our projects improve the operation with a multitude of solutions fully adapted to your business.

4. What is the best time to buy gym management software?

“Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” Using gym software to manage your business is essential for any entrepreneur interested in saving time and money. Download the free demo and start experiencing the benefits it can offer to your fitness center.It is proven that most people who decide to open a fitness center, gym, or martial arts school are professionals who have received specific training in one of these areas.However, not everyone knows to run a business. No matter how good a coach you are, your business will not be sustainable if you cannot manage it in an orderly and effective way.

5. How efficiently do you manage your gym?

Thanks to thisgym software, we can manage the customer’s experience and know for sure what their relationship is with our center, which is very useful to make the most of our business.

6. What kind of features should a fitness club or gym management software have?

The best gym software is the one that makes all administrative tasks simple, offering innovative and practical tools to communicate with your customers and retain them, making your business grow continuously. Look no further. Perfectgym software offers you this and much more.

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