Club Management Software

FitCode offers the best club management software to take care of all your club-related needs such as bookings, billing, membership management, sales, marketing as well as reporting. You can be assured that all your needs related to club management are handled well with our software

Management of Club Membership

You can manage all the data related to your club members such as their payment history, their personal information, account type, attendance and much more with just one software that is extremely comprehensive

club management


Our dashboard is designed in such an interactive way that you can check out the KPIs immediately. You can even customize it as per your preference to keep track of the real-time data related to your club.

gym software


You can easily integrate payment options by several providers in this software to process your payments anytime and anywhere. All types of payment options are at your disposal at all times.

gym payment software

Track Revenue

You can track all types of revenues collected by your club such as from personal training, retail as well as classes. Everything can be tracked well in real-time and you can have the data available to you.

revenue tracking software

Booking Management

You can manage the booking of the facility, trainer, and the schedule in your back office app and all your members can have access to it through their mobile app or client portal. Therefore, it is super easy to manage the bookings.

booking management software


You can choose from various types of reviews from access controls to sales and warehouse inventory so that you can gain insights on improving your development strategies. So, keep track of all the reports at all times.


We have collaborations with all major banks and payment portals so you can be sure that your clients will not have any issues in making the payments. We also make sure that it is entirely secure and encrypted.

Guaranteed Security

Your data is absolutely safe with us. We have all the data secured on our cloud-based servers, so there is no scope for data loss. In fact, your data is updated in real-time, and we ensure complete encryption and security

Premium Support

Our customer service is at your disposal at all times. They are multilingual, so there you will always have someone to assist you and understand your problems and concerns completely before offering you the right solution.

Digitally transform your Gym.

As fitness facilities undergo digital transformation, the Perfect Gym fitness club management suite positions itself as a must-have platform to facilitate digital convenience for members to interact with your club and all of its experiences.


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