Marketing With Automation

FitCode offers the best club management software to take care of all your club-related needs such as bookings, billing, membership management, sales, marketing as well as reporting. You can be assured that all your needs related to club management are handled well with our software

Push Notifications And Emails

You can keep your clients motivated by automating regular alerts on SMS, emails and push notifications. This is always helpful in ensuring the retention rate.

Smart Automated Campaigns

You can design smart messages that can be sent to your clients from time to time. These can be motivational quotes to get them come to the gym regularly or membership notifications.

Customers Tags & Segments

You can create tags and segments for your members so that you can send them relevant and automated notifications from time to time.

Vouchers And Gift Cards

You can make special discount coupons, free merchandize and other things to motivate members who participate in the marketing campaign.


You can send regular newsletters to your clients so that they are updated with all the latest news related to your club. So, all the happenings of the club are easily communicated.

Notification For Staff & Trainers

You can easily notify trainers of their schedule or any other upcoming events through the software. There is no need to make endless phone calls or send text messages separately to the trainers.

Fidcode Benefits


We have collaborations with all major banks and payment portals so you can be sure that your clients will not have any issues in making the payments. We also make sure that it is entirely secure and encrypted.

Guaranteed Security

Your data is absolutely safe with us. We have all the data secured on our cloud-based servers, so there is no scope for data loss. In fact, your data is updated in real-time, and we ensure complete encryption and security

Premium Support

Our customer service is at your disposal at all times. They are multilingual, so there you will always have someone to assist you and understand your problems and concerns completely before offering you the right solution.

Digitally Transform Your Gym.

As fitness facilities undergo digital transformation, the Perfect Gym fitness club management suite positions itself as a must-have platform to facilitate digital convenience for members to interact with your club and all of its experiences.

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